Dream House Down to the Details: 101 Cool Ideas – Technical Tips, Tweaks & Tricks

Last year Patrick Littlehales showed us his Eco-heating systems with a twist. Now he’s published an ebook on building your dream home covering over 100 topics including low energy heating trends with implications for the eco-homes of the future…

Your dream house – you know you have to get everything right first time but there will inevitably be some omissions which will haunt you later and almost certainly incur unwanted costs. This book tells you how to plan and execute without stress, managing time and cash flow just like a professional. Although occasionally technical, the book makes light, conversational reading and guides you through topics such as eco-heating strategy, catering for entertainment, security and communications, how to make a fabulous kitchen without spending a fortune and dozens of smaller, but important, topics which will enhance your final house design to the perfect state you’d like. If your objectives are for sustainable living you will be rewarded by a wealth of interesting content. This book will pay for itself many times over.

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Available now on Amazon for £2.45

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