Drobo SDK Means uPnP, BitTorrent & More

Drobo SDK

Data Robotics have just released an SDK for their Drobo Storage Robot .  What does this mean? Well additional functionality that you may be running a PC 24/7 to obtain will now be available on Drobo.  The sorts of features expected are UPnP, iTunes and FTP servers, plus BitTorrent clients.

The Beta software developers kit is available now, just sign-up on the link below.  According to GeekBrief.tv you can install apps manually on the box now, but there will be an automated installer for the less techy come mid-july.

“The Drobo Developer Community (DDC) provides the resources and how-to necessary to create compelling DroboApps—applications for use with both Drobo and DroboShare.

With our SDK you can any number of applications and utilities!

  • Create applications for DroboShare. Examples include:
    • UPnP/DLNA (available now!)
    • iTunes Music Server
    • Rsync
    • FTP
    • Web
    • AFP
    • Squeeze Center support
    • Eye-Fi support”

drobospace.com   :   Drobo at Amazon

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