eHome Creation Release V5.15 of eHome Digital Tools

eHome Digital Tools

“eHome Creation have just released version 5.15 of their eHome Digital Tools home automation software.  The $45 touch screen application includes modules for Audio, Video, Kitchen, Office, Games, Weather and Browser and now supports iPhone style “gestures” too.  Read on for the rest of the features.

eHome creation release V5.15 of eHome Digital Tools – New features include a screen designer for Powerhome HA software that supports drag and drop controls (buttons, sliders, browsers, pictures) and lets you pick any Powerhome device to control.  Features include:

  • Completely customizable. Turn on and off any main menu or add your own.
  • Mouse gesture support. (iPhone style – swipe your finger left and right to change pages, up and down to change genre’s and tools)
  • Built in Screen designer interfaces to Event Ghost and Powerhome so you can control all you HA equipment.
  • Clients can connect to multiple servers – Servers can accept multiple clients.
  • Programmable events via VBScript with all eHome COM objects exposed.
  • Direct embedded Interface for Powerhome remote controllers. (Powerhome – X10, Insteon, Elk M1 Gold, and the Global Cache GC-100!)
  • Built in support for different screen resolutions (800*600, 1024*768, 800*480)
  • Completely skin-able to match any décor in your home.
  • All icons and colors can be changed to suite your tastes. (Alpha channel PNG support)
  • Add your own programs to the main menu. (Web pages, EXE’s or use VBScript)
  • Socket Server for remote control of all AVOD functions.
  • Shopping list bar code scanner. (when its empty? Scan it! Then sync with you Windows Mobile 5 Phone or PPC 2003+ PDA)
  • Multiple WinAmp support on a single machine. (Sound zones)”

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