Embedded Automation Introduces mServer Residential Edition

“Embedded Automation, a leading provider of digital home automation systems, announced the release of mServer (Residential Edition), the latest addition to the mHome product line. mServer provides a centralized home management platform for lighting systems, security systems, HVAC control, IP cameras, irrigation controllers and IR messaging.

mServer can be connected to any home network, allowing real-time monitoring, status and control from any connected computer, including home theater PCs. At the core of mServer is mControl, Embedded Automation’s software application for home automation, which has thousands of users world wide.

“mServer (Residential Edition) follows our principles of being reliable, accessible and affordable. As an embedded system with no moving parts, mServer is an extremely robust platform for digital home management. And as an appliance on the digital home network, your home’s information and control is securely accessible anywhere via the user-interface of your choice, including browsers, media centers, ultra-mobile PCs and touch screens.” said Ted Singh, Business Development Manager for Embedded Automation.

“In addition to the benefits for end-users, System Integrators will be pleased with the integration options and ease of deployment. mServer comes standard with a remote configuration tool, software development kit (SDK), interfaces to leading protocols like Z-Wave and INSTEON, and support for technologies provided by Elk security systems, Axis cameras and Global Cache network adapters.”

mServer (Residential Edition) is available from leading retailers such as Smarthome.com. Contact Embedded Automation for dealer and OEM inquiries.

mServer (Commercial Edition) is available for commercial applications and provides support for leading building automation technologies including EIB, LON and direct digital/analog I/O. Contact Embedded Automation for mServer (Commercial Edition) inquiries.

For complete specifications and additional information on mServer (Residential Edition) and mServer (Commercial Edition) please visit:


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