Embedded Power Line Modem

Submission by Jeffrey Zhao

Embedded Power Line Modem ¨C A Very Low Cost Communication Solution for an Automatic Control System

To use the existing power line as a communication channel for data transfer within an automatic control system is undoubtedly a very low cost solution. The ATL90 & PLC101 Embedded Power Line Modems provided by Archnet are component ready-to-go circuit modules, which is capable of transferring data over the power cable. It can be easily integrated into and become part of the user’s system. All it needs is a +12VDC supply and there is no need of interface circuits to accomplish RS-232/485 communication over the power line. Data communication of the modules is transparent to user¡¯s data terminals and protocol independent. The Embedded PLC modem is based on the Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Technology, Digital Signal Processing and Self-adapting Communication Technology. You can select the right pair of Embedded PLC Modems to provide bi-directional data communication at a baud rate of 300/600/1200 bps.

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