EnOcean Wireless Batteryless Home Automation Launch at T3 Smart Home Show

“EnOcean is a revolutionary wireless & batteryless sensing system that is establishing itself as the standard for wireless automation in commercial buildings.

But the technology is equally suitable for residential use. In fact EnOcean products are already in use in UK homes where manufactures such Aqualisa use it to activate its Digital showering system from up to 30m away…EnOcean differs radically from other wireless systems in that it uses harvested energy from solar, mechanical and thermal sources to power the sensors within a building.

For example a switch harnesses the mechanical energy created from pressing it to control lighting, sun blinds and other electrical loads. A climate sensor uses a tiny solar panel to power temperature and humidity readings.

There are many advantages to using EnOcean technology including:

  • No switch cabling; which significantly reducing installation time & makes EnOcean sensors ideal for listed buildings
  • “Stick-on mounting” which allows the freedom to place sensors on glass walls, stone facades & wooden panelling
  • No battery maintenance
  • Interoperability between different manufactures’ products

EnOcean solutions exist for lighting, heating and security. Its maintenance free qualities mean its being used in wide range of new applications from a seat sensor that activate lighting, to controlling clay pigeon traps!

Automation solutions – EnOcean, unlike wireless technologies such as Z-wave & Zigbee is a real solution with over 100,000 sensors installed. EnOcean is very capable of satisfying the control needs of a modern automated home by providing solutions for lighting, heating and security.

Like all wireless solutions there are transmitters [sensors & switches] and receivers [actuators]. Sensors and switches send their status to actuators which switch electrical loads. For certain solutions 30 transmitters can be linked to a receiver and typically a sensor can be linked to an unlimited number of receivers.

  • Lighting control: On/Off, Dimming, Mood settings actuators can be ceiling, in wall and consumer unit mounted.
  • Climate control: Closed loop control of both heating and cooling systems
  • Blind control: Raise/Lower from wall switches, hand held remotes and external light levels
  • Security: Door and window sensors

EnOcean can be easily integrated into KNX/EIB systems, and IP gateways and intelligence exist.”

www.enoceanshop.co.uk [Now www.knxshop.co.uk]

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