Entry Level RF Dimming System

“GET Plc have released an RF dimming system to complement their extremely popular screwless flatplate electrical accessory range. The range consists of in a ceiling dimmer, plug in dimmer, battery powered wall switch and hand held remote.

Both controls utlise lithium CR2032 cells giving approximately 2 years of average use. Both the wall and hand control are styled on the same layout of 4 buttons configured either as 4 zones of dimming, or 4 scenes.

A controller can also be set as a master to turn on/off upto 4 rooms of lighting each with upto 4 circuits of lights.

Programming of controllers and dimmers is a simple as dip switches on the rear of controllers for house and room identification, and a learn button on each dimmer. There are 256 house codes so no issues should occur if the neighbours fit the same system.

Dimmers are rated at 350w and do NOT need to be downrated for GU/GZ10 Mains Halogen. Controller range is approximately 30mtrs.

The wall mounted controller is suitable for retrofit on an existing 1gang UK back box, or with the alternative plate onto a 2gang box. Metal snap on covers are available in brushed and polished chrome, white metal, gunmetal, brass, and others.

Further info from www.getlighting.co.uk

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