Ethernet Over PowerLine Built into Power Socket

Ethernet Power Socket

London based company, En-Twyn recently showed this prototype at the CeBit show.  Kind of a HomePlug Ethernet unit, built into a regular power outlet faceplate, it’s an interesting idea that would particularly appeal to anyone wanting to retro-fit lots of Ethernet in their home.

“Since the socket fits into a standard back box, all that’s required to install is to replace existing sockets with the new one (turning the electricity off at the fuse box or circuit breaker first generally reduces the chance of being electrocuted!).

Two sockets need to be installed to make a network – one as the source of the network, they other the destination. On powering-up, the Powerline electronics should look for other devices and automatically mesh any units found. The current generation of units support up to 32 devices in any one network (i.e. 32 sockets – 64 Ethernet ports), but we understand that this is also likely to increase.

Different networks can be selected allowing more devices if necessary, just as long as there are 32 devices per network (the networks can then be externally connected together using an Ethernet switch).”

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  1. I would like know how fast the data transfer could be with these.

  2. Looks to me like it’ll be a tight fit, especially if you want to plug in a power adapter!

  3. Company now has a web site:


    Disclaimer: I work for them

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