eXapath In-Wall Conduit System

Homepath Products, designer and producer of the patent pending eXapath in-wall cable conduit system have released a new video demonstrating their system.  eXapath allows home owners to keep up with changes in technology buy enabling them to change the cabling inside their walls as well as add new outlets easily.

"Homepath Products today released a product information video that demonstrates the ease of installing and using its eXapath in-wall conduit system. The video also shows how the system's design benefits homeowners by permitting them to add outlets at any point from floor to ceiling…before or after finished walls are in place. The system enables the homeowner to determine where and when low voltage cabling is installed, even as standards change with consumer electronics technology. To view the video please click here: Raise the IQ of Your "Smart Home"

Creating a living space that is attractive, functional, practical, and environmentally-sustainable in a home to help it hold its value over time is no easy task. Addressing the desires of homeowners to own the latest in consumer electronics poses further challenges. Cabling specifications will undoubtedly change as new consumer electronics come to market. eXapath's in-wall conduit systems simplify cabling decisions today and make possible easy "moves, adds and changes" in the future. Installing eXapath conduit systems into new home construction and renovation projects provides an economical path for the upgradeable broadband home.

"We recognize the difficulties faced during these tough economic times and have designed the eXapath system to help homeowners make wise investment decisions when building or remodeling." says Mike Hines, company Co-Founder. "By adopting an eXapath strategy, the homeowner can now defer the expense of costly home electronics and the disruption associated with cable installation until they are ready. The eXapath system integrates seamlessly with home construction, remains hidden within the walls, and is always at-the-ready. This allows the home and the homeowner to remain current with next generation products and services supporting media rooms, whole house audio, security, data networks, home theater and automation whenever the homeowners are ready for them."



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