Exclusive First Look at New IR over TCP/IP Uniits

IR Anywhere

Here’s a first look at some pretty special pre-release sample units of the “IR Anywhere” system from Keene Electronics.  The new system allows you to send Infra Red remote control signals across your network cabling, but unlike other systems that simply use the CAT as a medium to send the electrical signals, IR Anywhere actually converts the infra red into packet data for transmission across your LAN via TCP/IP.  The signals are received at the module with the IP address they were sent to where they are de-coded and output back as IR

Interestingly Keene tell us they will be releasing information on the code format they use, allowing anyone to interface to the units to send IR over TCP/IP.  The system is still in Beta and there’s no word on pricing or release date just yet but look out for more information in our review of IR Anywhere soon.

“IR Anywhere” system from Keene Electronics

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