Exclusive: Insteon Confirmed for UK and Europe in 2012

Insteon UK / Europe 220v

Almost 4 years ago we ran an article on the news that 220v Insteon was coming to the UK and Europe.  For one reason or another this didn’t happen but today we’re delighted to be the first blog to be given the exclusive news direct from Joe Dada that “The long wait is near its end.”  We can confirm European spec Insteon units are already in use on trials and they will ship in 2012…

As you know we’ve been in development of 230V/50Hz products for some time.  We have been shipping limited quantities to key customers for testing purposes for a few months now. We plan to roll out a decent number of products (a line) during 2012, hopefully in the first half or close to it.  All of the powerline products will be dual-band INSTEON (both powerline and RF communications) and will work with the old, X10 technology.  Distribution agreements are in process and customers should expect a fairly wide availability upon launch. – Joe Dada, Insteon

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www.insteon.net   :   [UPDATE] Good news at last – check out our new article here

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7 Comments on "Exclusive: Insteon Confirmed for UK and Europe in 2012"

  1. finally! you do not know how long ive been longing for this day!
    im a 14 yr old automation hobbiest and have been stuck with my X-10 for a longgg time!!
    i am going to ( if i can find one cheap enough ) stick an insteon pc comm unit on an Elan controller and use that! can anybody advise me if this is possible and reccomend any thing to me ?


  2. Roman Gaufman | January 21, 2012 at 3:48 am |

    Where can I buy this then? – they promised the same thing 2 years ago and looks like same story again, nothing is actually available to buy.

  3. Roman – the quote from Inteon above was

    “2012….hopefully in the first half or close to it.”


  4. Fingers Crossed!!!!!

  5. Is it finally happening? I can see uk plugs in the picture!

  6. im so annoyed this still hasent come to the UK its the secone halfof 2012 now and still no news not even a hint can someone drop me an email with contact info from someone at smarthome i can talk to about this??

    from a frustrated 14yr old lol

  7. Miguel Araújo | August 13, 2012 at 8:38 am |

    Does anyone has more info on the effective date Insteon will be available in Europe, either through local stores or online stores?

    I am a newbie on this automation matters but I assume Insteon equipments acquired from USA online stores won’t work properly here in Europe, right? (apart of the plug sockets being different 😉

    Kind regards,

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