Exclusive – New Comfort to Z-Wave Interface

Comfort Z-Wave UCM Interface

Last week at the Smart Home Show we interviewed Chiu from Cytech (video of our interview coming soon).  In our chat he showed us some interesting products, amongst them the brand new Z-Wave UCM interface for Comfort.

“Cytech is pleased to announce the new Comfort to Zwave interface. The UCM/Zwave allows Comfort to communicate with Zwave products which are becoming increasingly popular as more UK-style Zwave products become available.

This allows Comfort to send commands as well as request status from  Zwave devices.  The UCM/Zwave is built upon the UCM (Universal Communications Module) platform for external interfaces, with a plug-in RF module and a 868 Mhz antenna. Up to 8 UCM modules of different types can be installed in a Comfort system.

The Technical manual can be downloaded from www.cytech.biz/manuals.html  Pricing will be in line with similar UCM Modules in our range.”


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