EyeSpy 247 Launches Two New ‘Plug-n-Play’ Internet Security Cameras

EyeSpy247 PTZ IP CCTV Camera

EyeSpy 247 have just announced 2 brand new IP CCTV cameras for your home – the £100 EyeSpy247F+ and £180 EyeSpy247ptz (pan tilt zoom).

Both models feature VGA resolution at 30 frames-per-second, MPEG4 and M-JPEG compression, wired and wireless operation and two-way audio.  EyeSpy 247 say their cameras are uniquely easy to setup and in conjunction with their free web monitoring and alert service you can record movement as well as receive email and SMS notifications.  Read on for the PR.

“EyeSpy 247, a leading provider of cost-effective IP network cameras and monitoring solutions for home and business security, today announced the launch of its brand new and unique EyeSpy247F+ and EyeSpy247ptz cameras. They also come ready equipped with an exclusive online monitoring, recording and alerts platform that includes video recording, email/SMS intruder alerts, and more free of charge.

The cameras have been designed specifically as ‘plug-n-play’ products; they can quickly turn an ordinary broadband router into a remote video monitoring and alarm security solution with ease. Whether it’s for watching over a home or business, checking in on elderly or sick friends and relatives, or looking in on pets the camera can be set up in minutes simply by adding one or more of EyeSpy247’s compact IP network cameras.

“EyeSpy247 is anything but yet another set of IP cameras. Uniquely integrated with web based monitoring, recording and alerts out-of-the-box our cameras offer an altogether more capable extra pair of eyes and ears to help keep watch over our customers’ properties” said Paresh Morjaria, Managing Director EyeSpy247.com

EyeSpy247 IP CCTV Camera

The products are extremely easy to install without any need for technical knowledge as the Setup Wizard takes users through the simple installation process in just a few steps. Once installed users can securely manage motion detect events, image and video recording. Unlike being connected to a traditional third party monitoring station, the new EyeSpy247F+ and EyeSpy247ptz cameras offer users immediate control of what action to take the moment an intruder alert happens by email or SMS. Users can check if it’s a false alarm, call friends, family or neighbours to take a look, or call the police directly.

These high quality, compact and easy-to-use indoor IP Cameras are far superior to webcams as there is no need to connect them to a PC or install any special viewing software to be able to use them. They can support wired and wireless connections, are Windows, Mac and Linux friendly and both feature two-way audio capability and excellent video quality with Video Graphics Array (VGA) resolution at 30 frames-per-second, MPEG4 and M-JPEG compression and video latency of just 0.2 seconds or less.

The EyeSpy247ptz has additional motorised pan and tilt functionality, night vision LEDs and motion detection mode based on body heat instead of movement so it is more accurate in identifying intruders. The EyeSpy247F+ retails at £99.89 and the EyeSpy247ptz retails at £179.99, both cameras are available from www.eyespy247.com   www.cmac-cctv.co.uk    www.use-ip.co.uk

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3 Comments on "EyeSpy 247 Launches Two New ‘Plug-n-Play’ Internet Security Cameras"

  1. These types of products really concern me. There are already exploits and hacks to get in some IP cameras from the net. I’ve not looked at this product specifically but there are numerous hacks for other IP cameras out there in the wild. I for one don’t fancy live streaming my home or business out to all an sundry!

    And as for security against crooks – how long before a wifi blocker becomes as essential as crowbar for the modern day crook.

    I’m all for security and video is great to have – but I think I’d like to see a little more about how these boxes are secured before using one to secure my business or family.

  2. Peter Smith | January 9, 2010 at 1:18 pm |

    From what I’ve seen its very often the case that users leave themselves open by being lax as much as any inherent deficiencies in security of these sorts of devices.

    I’ve been using IP cameras at home and business now for nearly two years and have seen they have improved a hell of a lot since their early incarnations.

    I have had a very particular use for IP cameras especially at home and can tell you they’ve proved their worth – more so than even I had imagined. That said, of course I know there are always risks of being hacked into etc. but you get that risk with anything hooked up to the Net.

    For my mind I would rather have the cameras than not – after all if someone is going to be sad enough to really spend their time and effort hacking into my camera just to get a peep into my home go ahead I say. But it would be far easier to just peer through the window 🙂


  3. Simon Stockdale | January 11, 2010 at 10:42 am |

    Easier to peer through the window – but more risk of being caught.

    You clearly sound technically savvy but these sorts of mass market products are sold to non-techies that don’t understand how to secure them properly.

    Perhaps these products need to be sold with a safety warning: “This product exposes the monitored area to hacking from the interest – we try to find all the bugs and block the holes be we cannot be 100% confident that we’ve been successful”. Yes very tounge-in-cheek I know – but track record for IT security product isn’t high!


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