EyeSpy247 Launch HD IP CCTV Camera for Your Home

EyeSpy247 HD IP CCTV Camera

The new ‘EyeSpy247HDSD‘ is a high definition megapixel IP CCTV camera that comes bundled with free access to EyeSpy247’s on-line monitoring, recording and alerts platform.  The systems only requires a browser to connect to it so it’s Windows, Mac and Linux friendly and can be viewed on an iPhone and other smartphones too.  With up to 30fps in 720p, an on-board PIR and sound trigger sensors, 2 way audio and 802.11N Wi-Fi , it really is a featured packed camera.  Check out the video and pricing after the jump.

Get a clearer picture of goings on in your property with the EyeSpy247HDSD IP Camera – EyeSpy247, an innovative provider of IP network cameras and monitoring solutions for home and small business security, today announced the launch of its brand new High Definition Megapixel IP camera – the EyeSpy247HDSD. Which also comes bundled with Free access to EyeSpy247’s unique online monitoring, recording and alerts platform, making for a complete CCTV system out-of-the-box.

Whether people just want to look in on their home from work or while on holiday, monitor the baby, or just want to keep an eye on loved ones the EyeSpy247HDSD makes it easy as it doesn’t need to be connected to a computer to work or require any special viewing software. As only a web browser is needed for viewing it’s Windows, Mac and Linux friendly and can be accessed on-the-go via an iPhone and other smartphones too.

The EyeSpy247HDSD marks a step change in a range of affordable, all-in-one IP cameras that are not only easy to install and use but are loaded with useful features. With its advanced progressive CMOS sensor the camera is capable of streaming H.264, MPEG-4 and M-JPEG video up to 30fps and in 720p High Definition. What’s more it offers on-board recording to a Micro SD card for recording and immediate playback of clips from any Internet computer or mobile anywhere, and at only 150g, including the stand, is one of the lightest IP camera’s available today.

It also sports an automatic IR cut filter for true colour video, powerful Infrared illumination over 15 metres in pitch dark conditions, PIR and sound trigger sensors, 2 way audio and long range 802.11N wireless connectivity, giving it better reach than most IP cameras on the market. Plus a host of other capabilities packed into its tiny form factor.

Unlike a lot of IP cameras it’s effortless to install, especially with BT Home Hubs and broadband routers from Sky, O2, and many others. There’s no more messing around with fiddly ‘port forwarding’ or DDNS as EyeSpy247’s unique auto-setup software takes the hassle out of install and configuration – making it truly easy for anyone to get working.

The EyeSpy247HDSD provides users an altogether simpler, affordable and more convenient way to keep a remote eye on the people and places important to them, whether it’s watching over their home or business, checking in on loved ones or looking in on pets. Indeed, EyeSpy247’s unique, all-in-one solution of Internet cameras plus web based monitoring and alerts system is designed to help keep users informed when it matters, no matter where they are.

The EyeSpy247HDSD is now available at an RRP of just £195 or less from all EyeSpy247 IP camera retailers.”

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    Great article, these are great little CCTV Cameras for the home!

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