FAKRO Z-Wave Wireless Mesh Controlled Window Blinds & Shutters

FAKRO Z-Wave Blinds and Rollers

FAKRO announced several new Z-Wave products for skylight type windows.  The wireless controls allow the operation of an electric FTP-V pivot window, an ARF blackout roller blind and a ARZ roller shutter.  The window picot has an integrated moisture sensor which closes the window automatically as soon as it detects rain.

“At CeBIT 2011 FAKRO, a member of the Z-Wave Alliance and one of the world’s market leaders in the development of roof windows will be showcasing its new Z-Wave enabled wireless mesh home control solutions. The new products include the electric FTP-V pivot window, the ARF blackout roller blind and the exterior ARZ roller shutter. Users can integrate such interoperable products into a home network and take advantage of easy-to-use remote control with the Z-Wave controller or a centrally-positioned wall-mounted switch.

Z-Wave has become a major player in the global market for wireless home control solutions in recent years. Unlike comparable technologies on the market, Z-Wave is based on an open protocol, which allows interoperability for a wide range of devices – including roof windows. With the ZWK and ZWG series, FAKRO and Z-Wave now present five remote control units and control stations suitable for the newly-developed window and blackout solutions. Thus, the user is able to operate each end device easily and without wires. The ZWMP weather control unit, which communicates with the ZRD rain sensor and/or the ZWD wind sensor, is also available as an accessory unit. ZWMA module allows the installer to easily control the Z-Wave products using other systems via potential-free signal. Thanks to the open architecture of Z-Wave, it is simple for a house or apartment owner to integrate FAKRO solutions into existing home control networks.

This window is suitable for any roof space. It is factory-equipped with a 12V power supply and an actuator. In addition, the product has an integrated ZRD rain sensor which closes the window automatically as soon as it detects rain. If required, the user can fit the ARF Z-Wave blackout roller blind and/or the ARZ Z-Wave exterior roller shutter on the pre-installed fittings.

The roller blind is fitted to the inside of the window and is made of a special material that offers the following benefits to the property-owner: firstly, the blackout reflects not only UV rays but also sunlight so that the room in question does not become unnecessarily light. Secondly, the roller prevents loss of heat in the winter as the heat is kept away from the glass in the window. The slide rails on the side allows for continuous adjustment of the degree of blackout until the desired position is reached.

The ARZ Z-Wave exterior roller shutter shields the home users against uncomfortable heat during the summer and also reduce the lost of heat during the winter  up to 20%. This product offers extra protection for the window, for example against falling branches. The roller blind is also available with solar energy operation (ARZ solar Z-Wave).”

www.fakro.com   :   www.z-wave.com

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