Faradite Unveil New Fully Black Motion Sensor for Home Cinema Ceilings

Faradite Motion Sensor - BLACK

Have you ever had to spray a white PIR black to blend in with a ceiling? Well now Faradite have launched a new fully black motion sensor designed specifically for cinemas.

…our new black volt free motion sensor aimed at cinema installers. This new concept is designed to blend completely into the background, helping projects achieve high levels of aesthetic performance whilst also delivering the functionality needed.

But it’s not just the housing that’s black, the Faradite guys have gone the extra mile and made the PIR lens black too

Before finalising our design, we looked at what was available and discovered that most dark motion sensors still have a white lens. The cinemas we see demonstrate intense attention to detail and as a true engineering company, we are the same, so we wanted to deliver a product that went further and offer a black lens as well as a black case for the ultimate discrete sensor.

Based on their popular Motion Sensor 360, volt free design, the new black version uses the same low profile housing that sits just 3.5mm proud of the ceiling and is totally silent with no annoying relay click.

It can be powered by a 5V to 24V supply and the volt-free/dry contact interface delivers integration with most popular control platforms including Loxone, Control4, Lutron and Crestron lighting and home automation systems.

For more information check out the link below.


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