Faradite Unveils Engraving Service to Customise TAP-5 Smart Home Switches

Faradite custom engraved switches

Faradite’s new engraving service brings personalised smart switches to your home.

Faradite Custom SwitchesThe new engraving service is available on their TAP-5 range of contemporary control points compatible with 24V home automation systems. The TAP-5 delivers five points of interaction that can be configured to control a home’s lights, blinds, music and heating all from a single point.

With the amount of functionality available from the TAP-5, labelling each point of control helps people remember exactly what is controlled by which action on the switch. Great for regular users who need a reminder, but also great for guests who will instantly know what function they are controlling just by looking at the switch. Smart homes need to be ‘smart’ in lots of ways. Clear labelling and intuitive access to the functions people want is a really good place to start and avoids people being overwhelmed or put off by complex interfaces.

The engraving service is available on the Brushed Copper and Stainless Steel TAP-5 switches (custom engraving not available on the Matt White). The TAP-5 switches fit UK backboxes, however like all other Faradite TAP switches, they are also available for EU boxes as well.Faradite custom engraving - smarthome switches

Faradite say they have introduced this service in direct response to feedback from users and installers and it will allow each client to create something that is unique to them.

The new custom engraving service is available from today. Check out the video and the link below for more info.


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