Fibaro Swipe Brings Z-Wave Gesture Control to your Smart Home

We got our hands on the new Fibaro Swipe for the first time at the Gadget Show Live last weekend.

The device looks like a regular photo frame, but behind the picture of your choice lies some gesture detecting smarts plus a Z-Wave Plus radio.

Now a wave of your hand can trigger any number of responses from your Fibaro Home Center 2 or Fibaro Home Center Lite controllers.

Fibaro UK tell us other Z-Wave controllers Like Vera should work with the unit in future once they are updated to support it. We asked Fibaro UK if the unit could be used without any central controller to directly control Z-Wave devices and they told us…

The Home Center Controller would need to be present to first set the association between swipe and other devices (such as a lamp) but once that is done, the Home Center does not need to be present to gesture control devices.  That being said with the Home Center Controller overseeing everything, a lot more functionality can be created; such as swipe up to increase my music volume, right to skip the track and clockwise to change to favourite radio station. The possibilities are endless!

The unit could be idea for situations where you have dirty or wet hands (in your kitchen, garage or bathroom for example) or anywhere you want gesture control

Swipe can be mounted with the supplied table top stand or you can hang it on a wall (although it has quite a rounded back) or even built into your wall or behind a worktop or cupboard door. There are battery and micro USB power options.

Fibaro Swipe Gestures

So now you can literally wave goodbye to your home, knowing the music will stop, the lights will go out, the heating will set back and the security system will lock your doors and arm the alarm.

Fibaro Swipe - Cover Off
With the front removed you can see the ‘magic’ sensor and the micro USB port on top of the cube

The Fibaro FGGC-001 Swipe Motion Detector is available from Amazon.

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  1. saw a demo at the gadget show and it works really well ! – one of the more exciting things at the show was the Fibaro stand !

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