Flat Cables for Easier Retro Fit

We all love the convenience of wireless products, but sometimes you’ve just got to have a cable. Whether you need the speed and security of a hardwired network point or you want to control curtains or some other low voltage circuit, cable is still a very desirable medium in your smart home. Now Asheridge Communications is launching a range of ultra thin cable in the UK, making it much easier to retro fit wires by hiding them under flooring, behind wall covering and skirting boards etc…

“Asheridge Communications, the specialist provider of audio visual, testing, home networking, and interconnection solutions to custom installers, has launched the innovative Taperwire ultra-thin cabling range. Ideal for installations where running channels for cable runs is either not possible or desirable, the Taperwire range is a versatile, low-visibility, adhesive-backed range of cabling, capable of significantly reducing installation time, cost and disruption.

Proven in numerous US residential installations, the Taperwire range is supplied by Asheridge in a comprehensive choice of cabling types to cover virtually all typical custom installation applications. These include 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 22, 24 and 26 AWG, Coax & CAT 5 suitable for use in a/v, networking, telephony, security and lighting cabling… The ground-breaking thin, flat design eliminates the need for the time-consuming and messy process of chasing walls or drilling holes to run cables, without compromising on signalling speed or integrity. The flat copper wire cables feature 99.999% pure oxygen free conductors and has been sucessfully used in night clubs, theatres and leisure complexes. The CAT5 & RG6 Coaxial Video models utilise Belden CDT wire. The Taperwire range is thus an ideal solution for new or retrofit custom installation projects, where high quality performance and interior aesthetics are key requirements. The cabling is suitable for painting or for concealment beneath wallpaper and carpets to help interior aesthetics even more. It can also be run easily under wood and laminate flooring, trim mouldings, and even embedded within concrete, where required.

Using specially developed DuPont and 3M adhesives, Taperwire cabling ensures an especially strong bond between the cable and the installation surface. All cables boast over 4000 volts protection on the surface side and 450 volts protection on the adhesive side for customer peace of mind.

Visit ashcomms.com, or call direct on +44 (0)1494 794770.” : Flat Cables

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