Found Video : Retractable Kitchen Island Controlled by iPhone

This one definitely appeals to our gadget lust, even though we’re not quite sure what it’s for.  The motorised kitchen island is raised into place using a hydraulic scissor lift that’s triggered from an iPhone app controlling an Insteon switch.  Here’s the video of it in action…

“This is my kitchen island, below is an unfinished utility/storage room. A hydraulic scissor lift is at bolted to the cement, and then a small frame is built on top of the scissor lift table. On top of that is a subfloor, flooring, and then the island.

The cabinet doors are on the other side, and have safety push button switches that kill the electricity from the Smart Home Insteon switches, and prevent it from moving when the doors are not fully closed.

This lift can easily lift over 1,500lbs, so it was an important safety feature! Please comment if you are interested in seeing the inner workings of this.”

More photos at :

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1 Comment on "Found Video : Retractable Kitchen Island Controlled by iPhone"

  1. shure microphone | April 17, 2011 at 2:43 pm |

    Hey I am interested in seeing the inner workings of this. Just show it

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