Found Video : Tour of Control4 Powered Dallas Smart Home

Here’s a new video tour of a 4,000 square foot, Control4 powered smart home at a golf resort near Dallas.  Amongst the goodies on show are fireplaces, ceiling fans and thermostats all remotely controlled from touchscreens, keypads and iPads.  There are multiple zones of audio and multiple TVs with DVRs for each family member.  The front door bell pauses your movie and shows you a view from its cctv camera.  A bedside keypad includes a ‘Midnight’ button to bring the lights up to a gentle 20% to guide you to the fridge for snack.  As the owner arrives home a wave of his RFID fob immediately puts the home into his personal setting, lighting chosen rooms at certain levels, turning the TVs to the sports channel, and the audio to his favourite music..

“Join us on a tour of a Control4 home automation system in McKinney, Texas. Control4 dealer Byron Baird of Diem Digital Interiors & homeowner Jeff Layn provide a home automation demo of Jeff’s townhouse located on a golf resort called Craig Ranch.

Jeff’s smart home technology controls multiple zones of audio, multiple televisions with DVRs for every family member, fireplaces, ceiling fans, thermostats, & IP cameras. He started small and has been adding on to the system over time.

What’s great about this Dallas palace are the endless custom touches. When Jeff arrives home and opens the garage door, his home control system turns on the lights & the television turns on to his favorite channel (ESPN).

Jeff also has a personalized microchip key chain that has his personal settings programmed into it. He waves it over the ‘wand’ behind the door which then brings up his personal settings of how he wants to live his life when he comes in the house.”


http://control4.comControl4 New GUI OS 2.0


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