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Last year we ran a piece on ‘Freedom’ – new open source building and home automation software distributed under GPL2 license, written in Java (so it runs on Linux, Mac, Windows etc).  The project has now been renamed as ‘Freedomotic’ and version 5.0 has been released along with a new website with more content (video, images, forum, marketplace with plug-ins).  Check out the video after the jump.

“Freedomotic is an open source building and home automation software written in Java.  The aim of the project is to build a data mashup oriented building automation framework for seamless integration of building and home automation technologies, mobile, web and social networks. Freedomotic leverages modern distributed computing architectures, and provides crosslanguage APIs for extension.

HOW IT WORKS – Freedomotic supports popular building automation technologies like BTicino OpenWebNet, KNX, Modbus RTU, X10 as well as custom automation projects using Arduino devices, do it yourself (DIY) boards, third party Android frontends, text to speech (TTS) engines, motion detection using IP cameras, social networks integration like Twitter, and much more… All this features are delivered as downloadable plugins from our marketplace.

WHO SHOULD BE INTERESTED – Private Users: Tired of incompatible, expensive automation technologies and remotes everywhere? Learn why automate your home with freedomotic.  Business Users: Museums, shops, offices,…? Learn how to create innovative services for your customers with freedomotic.

Developers & Organizations: Freedomotic can be easily extended with cross-language plugins. If you want to develop a plugin for an automation protocol, integrate your own “do it yourself” Arduino board or create a custom frontend for Android with your brand take a look here.

WHERE CAN IT RUN – Freedomotic can run on any OS with Java support (Linux, Windows, Mac, …). It can be deployed on a single standard PC, a PCs network, a network of embedded devices like BeagleBoard to create a set-top-box, or a mixture of the previous.

WHEN WILL BE AVAILABLE – Freedomotic is actually a working beta but is growing rapidly with the suppport of our community. We are searching for contributors and you can contribute in many way, development or not, let us know writing to [email protected]

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  1. Published the Freedomotic newsletter with more info about the project. Please read at

  2. Hi all,
    we are glad to announce that Freedomotic has its own group on Linkedln
    The link is
    If you want, join it and please share with your contacts.
    It’s only one of the great news, so stay tuned!!!
    Have a nice day

  3. freedomotic | February 6, 2014 at 4:43 pm |

    We have a new source code repository on GitHub
    DOWNLOAD Bender from

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