Fuller UK Z-Wave Range on the way

We’ve just received an update from ZenSys on the availability of new UK Z-Wave products. The bad news is there’s not much firm information yet. The good news is their partners are working on full range of products for the British market

“Unfortunately I do not have a lot of news for you, since most of what I know from our Z-Wave Partners about their product plans is covered by the mutual NDAs that we normally sign. But you can be sure that we work diligently on getting a fuller range of Z-Wave enabled products for the UK market. I know it is frustrating for your readers and Home Automation enthusiast, that so few products are available, but it takes quite a long time to develop a new product line and as they say – Rome wasn’t build in a day.

The problem we face in Europe is of course the many different regional or even country specific standards, which makes it harder for the various market players to put together a business plan, since the customer base they can address is of course much smaller than in the US, where more than a hundred different products are available now, and twice that many will be available by summer of next year. As soon as we have more news I will let you know immediately, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank both you and the Automated Home users for your continuing support of Z-Wave, and for the many test and evaluations your users have made, and for the valuable feedback our Z-Wave Partners gets from “Super Users” like yourself. Best regards, Ricco Ricco Borring-Olsen VP, Technical Services Zensys A/S” www.zen-sys.com Many thanks to Ricco for answering our query, and we look forward to seeing the new UK range in time.

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