Fusion Research Media Servers Now Control4 Certified

First video server with a Control4 Certified two-way driver  – Fusion Research announced that its entire line of media servers is now Control4 Certified,ensuring compatibility and smooth integration with Control4 IP-based home automation and entertainment systems. Control4 certification extends from the entry level Studio Movie Server at $3495 to the large Cinema Server system, which is capable of running more than 25 zones.

“A large portion of our dealerbase world wide uses Control4 systems,”noted Ingo Schmoldt, Vice President of Sales at Fusion Research, “It was important for us to provide them a best of class interface, sharing metadata between the two systems.”

Control4 Certified products must pass rigorous interoperability tests by Control4 testing labs. Fusion Research is among the very first manufacturers to have their products pass these tests and is the first, and so far the only video server with a certified two-way driver for the Control4 platform.  “We are very pleased that Fusion Research Media Servers are a part of the Control4 Certified partner ecosystem”,said Jeff Dungan, Vice President of Product Management at Control4, “Not onlyare they one of the first Control4 Certified product lines, but the two-way interface allows for both a rich media environment for users and a quicker and more seamless integration for dealers.”


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