Future Touch Release MyServant v3.0 Home Automation Software

Future Touch MyServant

Ozzy smart home company Future Touch have released v3.0 of their MyServant system. The windows software is an add-on for HAL and provides touchscreen support complete with floor plan style graphics as well as occupancy tracking, security system control and weather display…

“Ever wished you had a maid or a butler around the home?  Then how about a virtual housekeeper?  Future Touch Ltd have take the home automation experience to the next level, with the release of their software called MyServant.

MyServant v3.0 is a Windows based application that works in conjunction with the world’s leading home automation software – HAL2000.  HAL2000 provides cutting-edge home automation functionality such as voice & telephone control, audible announcements, logical automation rules, schedules, and support for the majority of the world’s leading automation technology.  MyServant steps it up a notch, by enhancing HAL2000 to provide true intelligence and a tailored personality for your home.

The software comprises of a suite of components – including a server component to provide the ‘smarts’ for the home, and an Interface component to provide touch-screen control.

Visual Interface features include:

  • Touch screen support
  • Extensive Visual Control of your home via a custom floor-plan
  • See which occupants are home & away
  • See & hear who’s calling the home before you answer it
  • Access your own personal websites & voicemail on-screen
  • Control of your Security System, HVAC, media equipment & more
  • Weather forecast displays
  • Tracking & low-notification of Battery-levels for all home appliances
  • Visual display of your Address book
  • and so much more

Home Automation features include:

Lighting Intelligence
Add all sorts of logical decisions to your lighting, simply by ticking options. Let your lights determine what brightness to come on depending on the time; determine how to avoid false triggers of motion sensors; how long to keep lights on after you leave the room; how to ignore motion sensors when lights are manually controlled; and much more.

Personality Integration
Give your home a personality!  The interface component will popup a butler/maid, whenever the Home Automation System is listening to your commands or making an announcement.    What’s more, The personality is provided by MyServant’s random-comment feature, where it varies its response to questions, depending on what you say in return and whether you repeat yourself.

Room Targeted Announcements
Just like Star Trek – where the computer only responds to a person where they’re located, MyServant allows speakers to be defined in your home, for particular announcements.  Have your home welcome/farewall you only at the front door, play the voicemail in the kitchen, or call out to wake you up in your bedroom.

Advanced Alarm Clocks
Throw away that inferior alarm clock.  Have your PC wake each person in the home up in the morning; with random phrases, daily individual schedules, override schedules, enhanced snooze ability, and room-targeted wakeup calls, run specific macros (eg: open curtains when it’s time to wakeup), and more.

Future Touch MyServant

Occupant Tracking
Let your PC track who’s home and who’s not!  MyServant will set the appropriate house-mode and run macros (eg: arm the alarm, turn off lights), based on when the last person leaves or 1st person arrives.

Status enquiries
Ask your home what was the last thing it said (and you can configure it to “forget” after a period of time!) – eg: ask it who’s home, or why a light isn’t turning on.

MyServant truly transforms one’s PC into a virtual housekeeper, with little effort.  You can be living like the Jetsons in next to no time.”


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  1. You should see version 6! It’s freeking amazing!!!

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