Gefen 4×4 HDMI over CAT5 Matrix Switcher

Gefen HDMI CAT5 Matrix Switcher

Gefen are taking pre-orders for their new CAT5 HDMI Matrix Switcher.  The rack-mountable system is HDCP compliant and it can carry a 1080p sigal up to 150 feet and 1080i up to 300 feet.  It provides a 4×4 matrix, switching 4 inputs to 4 outputs and provides an IR path back to the source device for control.

“The Gefen 4×4 HDMI CAT5 Matrix offers unprecedented flexibility and convenience by routing high definition audio/video from any of four HDMI video sources to any of 4 remote displays over inexpensive, standard CAT5 cabling.

Each remote display has a control box that allows the viewer to select any of the 4 video sources and control that source via an IR remote control as if the viewer was standing in the room where the source originates.

Full High-Resolution HDTV signals are supported up to a resolution of 1080p at a maximum distance of 150 feet and 1080i resolutions can be extended up to 300 feet. The Gefen 4×4 HDMI CAT5 Matrix works with HD-DVD players, TiVo systems, HT PCs, and satellite set-top boxes that connect to an HDMI display. Every source is accessible at all times by any display by selecting it with an IR remote.”

The Gefen switcher costs around $4,000 and will be available shortly. : [Via: HomeToys]

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  1. $4000? How does it compare to the others on the market that are half the price?

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