Gigabit Ethernet Bridge Allows 15 USB Devices Anywhere on your LAN

Silex SX-3000GB Ethernet to USB  Bridge

Here’s a useful little device for your smart home set-up.  An Ethernet bridge that allows you to connect your USB devices at any remote location on your LAN.  The interface has 2 x USB 2.0 ports and a gigabit Ethernet socket.

It’s compatible with Windows and Mac and allows you to connect up to 15 devices (using a hub) and can be managed and configured using its browser interface.  Its perfect if you are using USB based I/O interface or sensors and would be especially useful if you are running your home automation server on a virtual machine.  the Silex SX-3000GB is around £100, checkout the video after the jump.

Instantly Convert Your USB Devices to a Shared Resource on Your 10/100/1000 Gigabit LAN – The Gigabit USB Device Server provides very fast throughput USB 2.0 Hi-speed devices. It instantly converts the connected device(s) for access anywhere on yournetwork. Now you can enjoy the convenience and freedom of remotely using multifunction printers, scanners, storage devices, or various other USB devices. It brings flexibility and productivity of USB devices to a whole new level in any environment including home, SOHO, school or business setting.  The SX-3000GB makes working with USB devices very easy. By attaching a USB hub, the SX-3000GB can integrate up to 15 USB devices to the Gigabit network. After installation all network users can share the resources. Users can access the USB devices and use them as if they were attached locally to their computers.”   :   Also Checkout the Barix Barionet Ethernet IO device

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  1. that’s a welcome arrival – according to the video, a spot check showed large file transfers run at about a quarter the speed of a regular local connection … no idea how typical / representative that would be … we’ve a handful of locations where this might be useful to have, and mostly super-speed would not be needed – the blurb suggests it could be used for remotely locating a 3G stick, which might be handy, if the aerial lead’s not run through the house (no idea how much speed would be needed for that – and some sticks are dual-tuner devices, of course)

  2. oops, I said 3G, but meant to say TV (stick) …

  3. Could it is possible to use keyboard and mouse via this device to control multiple computers.

  4. Ethernet Converters | July 1, 2010 at 6:44 am |

    Can we use even computer speakers, mouse nad keyboard through these device?

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