GigaVideo800 Brings Wireless HDMI

The GigaVideo800 HDMI


The world of HiDef is fab but as someone who has just had the builders in to open the ceiling to run an HDMI cable up to our projector, it can be frustrating too.  If you're in a similar position and want a more convenient solution then Marmitek may have the answer with their new GigaVideo800.  It sends an uncompressed HD signal wirelessly from up to four connected HD devices to your HDTV or projector.


"Wireless HDMI was announced by various suppliers a few years ago but, until now, very little had happened in practice. Or, to be more specific, the products that were introduced did not meet up to quality expectations or, until now, they have not actually been ready for delivery. With the introduction of the GigaVideo800 HDMI, Marmitek has proved that high quality, wireless HDMI really is possible and it is available now.

Flexible positioning of your TV screen or projector – Enthusiasm about a beautiful TV mounted on the wall as if it was a painting is slightly diminished when you realise that the cabling is difficult to hide. Also, awards for beauty are not generally forthcoming for the cables that run to your projector on the ceiling. The Marmitek GigaVideo800 HDMI means that this issue can be consigned to history. You mount the receiver, simply and invisibly, on the wall behind your TV or on the ceiling next to your projector. An ingenious system allows you to continue to operate the connected HD devices even though they are installed out of sight.

Uncompressed – This wireless HD signal bridges a distance of up to 20 metres to your HDTV or projector, using the GigaVideo800 HDMI. The Marmitek GigaVideo800 HDMI sends the HD signal without first compressing it. The wirelessly received signal is sent on without any delay (perfect for game consoles) and has exactly the same properties as a signal that is sent via a high quality HDMI cable.

The GigaVideo800 HDMI
Four devices – The GigaVideo800 HDMI comprises two beautifully styled cabinets that serve as transmitter and receiver respectively. The receiver is connected to the TV, while the transmitter can be connected to a maximum of four (HD) devices. This includes Blu-ray® players, digital video recorders (DVRs), HD set–top boxes, game consoles (Wii, PS3™ or Xbox® 360), Media Centre PCs or standard DVD players/recorders. Switching between these devices is simply done by pressing a button on the remote control provided. An important advantage of the GigaVideo800 HDMI is that it is no longer necessary to constantly switch the cables from your HD devices to the HDTV or the projector.

HDCP – The Marmitek GigaVideo800 HDMI supports all digital resolutions, including 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p True Cinema. The product 100% satisfies the HDCP standard. High-bandwidth Digital Copy Protection (HDCP) is a system for preventing piracy. Decoders with HDCP only provide a digital signal to equipment that is also supported by HDCP, such as the Marmitek GigaVideo800 HDMI.

Price and availability – The Marmitek GigaVideo800 HDMI has a recommended retail price of 599,– Euros incl. VAT and is available for immediate delivery."

Marmitek GigaVideo800

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