HAI Launch Wireless Driveway Sensor

HAI Driveway Sensor

When we built the Automated Home in the late 90s we wanted to be able to detect vehicles entering and leaving our driveway.  At not inconsiderable expense we buried the best available sensors at the time – using two so we could also determine the direction of travel.

We ran underground cables back to our Node Zero (see this section of the Wiring Guide) and used HomeVision to do the logic.  So we were pretty interested to read about a brand new new Driveway Sensor that is Wireless and that just started shipping this week from HAI.

Wireless Driveway Sensor – HAI, the leading manufacturer of integrated automation and security products since 1985, announced today that it is now shipping the Wireless Driveway Sensor (HAI part number 63A00-1).

The Wireless Driveway Sensor uses Earth’s magnetic field to detect moving metal objects (such as automobiles) that pass by it.  The unobtrusive Wireless Driveway Sensor can be used to turn on outdoor lighting when approaching, or used to alert homeowners with video surveillance when a visitor has entered the driveway.  Since the 63A00-1 is wireless, there is no digging or underground cable required.  The Wireless Driveway Sensor has two unique mounting options via the included stake or post/wall mount.

“This is an often requested product in large estate installations”, explains HAI President, Jay McLellan.  “This product is affordable and easy to install, making it a smart option for HAI’s dealers already installing HAI Wireless security sensors and HAI access control products.”

The Wireless Driveway Sensor is part of HAI’s wireless security product line, which requires the use of an HAI 64 Zone Wireless Receiver (HAI part number 45A00-1).”

The Wireless Driveway Sensor can be staked into the ground or wall mounted and is shipping now for around £300

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  1. Wireless … but not powerless!

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