Hands on with Sonos iPad App Plus Russound RNET Bridge

Here’s a couple of Sonos updates rolled into one.  First a video from CEPro showing a sneak peek of the up-coming Sonos iPad app in action.

The second video is from Danny over at Mavromatic showing off his latest project – an Adruino powered interface that allows a Sonos system to be controlled from Russound whole house audio system keypads…

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3 Comments on "Hands on with Sonos iPad App Plus Russound RNET Bridge"

  1. Some months ago, I asked (on the irc channel) what the biggest product for 2010 was going to be, and was a little surprised when Mark McCall said that it was going to be the iPad.

    Now, I finally get it.

    Innovative companies are going to seize on the device, and not treat it like a big iTouch after all… but re-think the way applications work.

    In the last few days, I’ve seen the Evernote iPad app, and the Sonos one… both compelling reasons to go iPad for my home control.

  2. I can’t help but think how can companies like Crestron get away with charging £2K+ for a touchpad control when an iPad can arguably do it better for £429.

  3. Programms like ayControl for the iPhone and iPad already control entire buildings and smarthomes. I wonder what comes next.

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