Harmony Dupline

Simply Automate have announced their “Harmony-Dupline” modular lighting and control system…

“Harmony-Dupline is a brand new lighting and control system from Simply Automate. The system gives complete control over lighting, security and heating and also incorporates a built in alarm system. Control over these core elements provides the foundation of a total smart home solution, giving the resident of the property combined benefits of security, convenience, lifestyle enhancement and energy saving benefits simultaneously.

The beauty of Harmony-Dupline is that it is a fully flexible modular system which can be installed in both new and existing homes. A choice of 27 different products can be incorporated into the Harmony-Dupline solution. Harmony-Dupline is exceptionally easy to install and configure and is based on the reliable bus system. The flexibility of Harmony-Dupline makes it more attractive than other systems, and the fact it is a wired system gives it total reliability…

Since Harmony-Dupline is a modular system, it is always easy to plan, expand or change an installation. Status of a given function can be controlled and read anywhere on the bus by several components simultaneously and it is easy to add new components to a function address or re-route a function. The possibility of using existing cabling can facilitate the installation instantly. At the centre of the system is the Master Channel Generator which is a central unit that contains a micro-controller that performs the desired functions. This micro-controller is then configured for each individual home. The controller can be located anywhere in the installation and each device (switch thermostat or sensor) is assigned an address so it can be identified by the controller. Programming takes place from a normal PC.

Harmony-Dupline is a particularly attractive system due to the aesthetic appeal of key components such as the touchscreen (pictured below). Altogether Harmony-Dupline provides an exceptionally functional yet aesthetically pleasing package for both installer and end user.


To get you started with this fully integrated Smart Home product, Simply Automate has designed a Harmony-Dupline Starter Kit which includes the following items: Master Channel Generator; 8 Way Relay Module; 2 x 230W Dimmer Module; Universal Light Switch Interface and Dupline Programmer. ”


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