HDbaseT Extender Runs Uncompressed HDMI Over Single CAT5

HDMI over Single CAT5

Keene have announced the addition to their catalogue of a new HDbaseT HDMI Extender system – The Aavara PE3D4K100A will send 3D 1080P with 7.1 channel audio, plus IR and RS232 control, whilst maintaining your 100Mbps Ethernet LAN too – all over just one single CAT5 cable.

HDbaseT HDMI extender System – The Aavara PE3D4K100A is a another fantastic tool for installers. Using just a single wire it can be easily retrofitted within an existing network. HDBaseT technology allows this system to send HDMI further and at higher quality than all other conventional HDMI over CAT5 solutions.

With no compression and no loss of quality you can get crystal clear 3D 1080P with 7.1channel audio, and also have IR control, RS232 and extend your 100Mbps LAN all over the one cable!

This product is manufactured by Aavara Innovation Corp. and is distributed in the UK & ROI by Keene Electronics Ltd.  The PE3D4K100A system is available now. Sender & Receiver pair SRP £561.23 inc VAT”

Over one single run of CAT5 cable you can:

  • Send uncompressed full HD 3D HDMI with 7.1ch audio
  • Remotely power the receiver
  • IR control the source from the receiver
  • RS232 control the source from the receiver
  • Use the 3 port hub in the sender & receiver to extend your LAN

Available now from Keene

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3 Comments on "HDbaseT Extender Runs Uncompressed HDMI Over Single CAT5"

  1. how is that even possible?… – that’s voodoo that is….

  2. Is that a mistake in the price? Too expensive for me!

  3. Been using the VisionHD versions of these for 6month now. Absolutley rock solid.

    Based on the same tech that Crestron has been using on their DigitalMedia stuff got the past couple of years.


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