HeatingSave Smart Home System Controls Heating From Your Phone

HeatingSave is a new SmartEnergy System which claims to cut 20-35% off of your energy bills. The hardware and software setup allows sophisticated scheduling of your heating from its ‘Diary’ and gives you control of your system from any computer or mobile device (iOS and Android).

“HeatingSave is a SmartEnergy Building Energy Management System which gives the user the ability to control and monitor their home or business energy usage. HeatingSave also offers a wide range of automated services, and on average the default installation can cut around 20-35% off of your energy bills.

The great thing about HeatingSave is that it is very customisable, and gives the end-user lots of different configuration options if they wish to take advantage of them. For example, one of the most popular features is the ‘Heating Diary’ which allows for the input of specific times & dates on which the heating temperature should be adjusted. These can be set as far in advance as you want, and the patterns can be replicated against the forthcoming months to save entering them again.

Another great feature of HeatingSave is the ability to use the software via a desktop PC, laptop, tablet PC or a smart phone (iPhone, Android etc.). The freedom that these options provide means that you can monitor and if neccessary, adjust your heating settings all from the comfort of your sofa. You could even alter your heating settings while out-and-about by logging into your system remotely. This means that if the weather happened to turn cold while you were out, you could set the temperature in your home to boost, and then when you arrive home you would have the room temperature at the desired level so you are instantly happy, and don’t have to wait for the house to heat up.”

www.heatingsave.co.uk   :   More heating control artices

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5 Comments on "HeatingSave Smart Home System Controls Heating From Your Phone"

  1. Nice snazzy website. All lovely internet enabled stuff, just like we want it… but where can we buy it or find more technical information?

    Why announce these things and then ask for a phone call to discuss it? Wouldn’t it make more sense to put that info online too?

  2. Simon Haslam | May 17, 2012 at 8:03 am |

    Agreed – their website looks all very interesting but there’s not much practical information. E.g. it talks about the controller managing the boiler temperature “HeatingSave automatically performs the function of turning the boiler up or down. It’s called Outside Temperature Compensation. The boiler is automatically turned up in cold weather or at times of peak demand and turned down when it’s warmer.” but doesn’t say what sort of interface it has to the boiler. OpenTherm would probably be the easiest approach but you’d think they’d say.

    I’m guessing the software prototypes are further along than the hardware…

  3. Hi Q,

    Thank you for taking the time to look at our website and for your feedback.

    The main reason that we don’t sell the HeatingSave system directly on the website is because we like to build a personal relationship with each of our customers ensuring that you get the kit that is right for you. Our sales team are very friendly and can quickly specify the correct system for you.

    I hope this helps.

  4. Hmm, it doesn’t really help actually.

    I want to get a feel for the cost! It’s all very well to say that it reduces cost by 20-30% but if my heating costs are £600 per year that would mean a maximum saving of £180 per year.

    If the system costs me £500 that’s around 3 years to break-even which might just be worth considering (though how much will the technology move in those years, it might still be worth waiting a while longer).

    If, however, it is £1,000, a 6 year return simply wouldn’t be worth it.

    So having some simple, standard setups listed on the site with some approximate costs would be very helpful and would save both yourselves and your customers time and effort up front.

  5. In the absence of any prices from Heatsave (or very much information on the internet they or their sister companies didn’t author) I’ve dug deep and the figure I’ve found for a home installation was around £895+ vat.

    Its hardly surprising they talk a lot around the benefits yet only scratch the surface about features and don’t mention costs what so ever.

    I had sent them an email via their on web contact page asking about costs and how the installation works. That was a week ago and surprise surprise I’m still waiting to hear back from them.

    ‘We like to build a relationship with our clients’ is sales speak for we want to get someone in your home to pressure sell to you by talking for hours about how it will pay for itself, while not telling you how long it will take. (A realistic return on investment should be between 3 to 5 years)

    I don’t like companies who operate in this way, but if you want to prove me wrong get in touch.

    I was sales trained too and worked in the home improvement industry for some time, and can smell sales speak from a mile off.

    I am genuinely interested in the Heating save products and what they could achieve, otherwise I would not have spent so long trying to find out more.

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