Helvar Launches New Look Smart Home Control Panels

Helvar Control Panel

Helvar has launched new control panels for their DIGIDIM range of smart home lighting products. They say the new designs refresh the look of existing plates while retaining their build quality and functionality.

"“The most commonly used interfaces in a lighting control system are the control panels,” says Alan Jackson, International Business Development Director at Helvar “Our previous design was a classic that has stood the test of time. However, we’ve now updated it to fit in with contemporary design trends. In fact, we now have a push button panels or faceplate to complement every application, décor and control scenario.”

The new panels offer larger buttons and restyled faceplates to give increased aesthetic choice for the end-user. Each panel allows the user to control the system by recalling scenes at the touch of a button. The DIGIDIM modular panel range is supplied pre-programmed, so will work out-of-the-box and is easily reconfigured to suit the each customer or application requirement. Furthermore, the modular panels in the range are fitted with LEDs to indicate which scene has been selected, and an infrared receiver for additional control options.

Helvar is keen to make the transition to the new designs a seamless one, so all new panels are completely backwards compatible with the current DIGIDIM range, offering the opportunity to replace or upgrade existing DIGIDIM panels and utilise existing cables and back boxes."

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