Home Automation Sound Clips and Theater Intros

For those of you using MainLobby or any other home automation software (ie HomeSeer) for that matter than can playback either MP3 or WAV format files, I’ve just released TechTalker Volume 1.

It’s over 570 MP3 and/or WAV format sound clips relating to home automation and the home theater. I’ve also included 10 bonus home theater intros complete with background music. It’s definitely a show stopper before the show even starts.

You can download samples directly from www.cinemarsolutions.com
For a complete listing of all 570+ sound clips, visit the TechTalker web page

Other sample words & phrases include:

  • Access Denied
  • Good Afternoon
  • Lighting Control
  • Power Off
  • Record
  • Please insert media
  • Garage Door is now being closed
  • Disc Skip
  • Camera 1

For those of you that were inquiring, I’m wrapping up production of WebLobby. Send me an email if you want to be notified when it’s available. I should have a beta fairly soon. Really blows away the MS browser look/feel. 🙂  As usual, I’m always interested in feedback and/or suggestions.

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  1. Don’t suppose this collection of mp3 clips is still online somewhere? Sounds exactly like what I’m looking for….

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