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Just received this press release. Make sure and see the special offer details on the Meteor PC Caller ID interface at the bottom!

Fantastic new Home Automation product – HATI (Home Automation Telecom Interface) – This is brand new product from Crucible Technologies (makers of the Meteor) and they have chosen us to market it in the Home Automation arena.  HATI is an open architecture product that enables software developers to get the maximum benefit from their telephone line, PC and telephones. The only limitation is the programmers’ imagination.

The Home Automation Telecom Interface (HATI) is designed to give software developers full control over the telephone line and provide a link with the PC…

It has the following features.

  • 2 telephone line connections. HATI can dial on these 2 telephone lines under PC control. HATI can also monitor tones, such as dial, busy and unobtainable tone. On incoming calls, HATI receives and passes on caller ID to the PC.
  • 6 local extensions. Under PC control the HATI can ring telephones and pass on caller ID to them. It can also receive dialling from the telephones and pass these to the PC.
  • Audio connections to the MIC and SPK connections of the PC soundcard. HATI can connect these to either the outside telephone line or telephone extensions, under PC control.
  • Built in Solid-State voice storage. This can be used to program up to 6 short (30 second) messages that can be played to outside telephone line or telephone extensions, under PC control.

This is a new product and we intend to provide a programmers toolkit to speed up development / integration times. Until then HATI is supplied with a programmers manual that details controlling the device at a low level.

Read more about HATI HERE

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