Home Easy Pronto RF Code Generator

Home Easy Pronto RF code Generator

Rick Hunt has released a free Windows application to produce RF codes for the Philips Pronto remote so it can control the Byron Home Easy home automation modules.  The Generator Will produce codes that will work with anything that is compatible with the HE200 remote.

“Three RF protocols are in use for the products marketed by Byron.  First dedicated to the HomeEasy Heating controller the second (HE200 remote) to the Byron X10 type devices and early non ultra HomeEasy gear and the third (HE100 and HE300 remotes) for all the HomeEasy range.

Protocol first – (Heating device address) is set to the 5 pos dip switch address chosen on the device.  This dip setting will be the binary of the number you need to enter for the RF code (as per user manual).

Protocol second – are codes 0 .. 15 (device) and 0 .. 15 (group A .. P) you choose, giving 255 possible codes

Protocol third – This has a 26 bit address giving 67 million addresses for each of the 16 units and it seems possible that this range can be doubled using the “grouped” command for each of the 16 unit No.(altho with the pronto you can group any number of devices with a macro).The group command will turn on a dimming device without triggering the dimming cycle sequence, as will the dim command.  Byron would appear to allocate at random a different address to each transmitting device manufactured be it a key fob, wall switch, remote etc. The HE100 has two addresses to give the 32 device span.

With so many possible codes it makes sense to stick to as few addresses as you need, each address
operating 16 possible devices.

TIP – The program hashes the name/number entered into the 26 bit address, and would suggest  eg “password bedroom 1” is a lot easier to remember than a number.

The door lock codes have a seperate command, I suppose to make them less likely to duplication but have not been able to check this fully not having one to test. Feedback on this would be appreciated.

Don’t forget to set the Device property on your pronto to RF 0,0.

The program will ouput your code selection as a text file named “Heasyhex.txt” containing the Pronto hex codes which you can copy/paste as usual and also a txt file “Heasy.csf” which is a compiler script for use with CCFCompiler.exe (available from remotecentral) to generate a CCF file. If CCFCompiler.exe and CCFDll.dll are copied to the HEasy generator application folder it will do this for you.”

Download the Code Generator Here : Feedback or comments to [email protected]

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2 Comments on "Home Easy Pronto RF Code Generator"

  1. I cant get it to work. Can any one talk me through using it!

  2. is there anyway to get the code to use in the teldus center (tellstick) for the heating controller ?

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