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Squareconnect SQ Blaster

Square Connect, a member of the Z-Wave have broken the mouild with their new ‘wooden puck’ device for infrared controlled home entertainment. A new version of the Blaster, the “Blaster Pro” integrates Z-Wave, allowing expansion of the control sphere beyond the home theatre to include lighting, window shades and other appliances. The SQ Blaster range of products utilise the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch as control interfaces, with applications for other smart phones and tablet devices under development.

“Home control starts in every home with the home theatre experience. The natural expansion of this area of remote control to additional appliances provides a natural and understandable move to home automation. Control of the environment within the concept of the users “immediate activity” provides the bridge from the standard AV remote control to a wider range of equipment within the home. The Square Connect range of products have been designed based on this premise.

Fully Flexible AV control with the SQ Blaster – The SQ Blaster, a Wi-Fi/infrared device, combined with the companion application SQ Remote (for iPhone, iPad) provides the user with a fully configurable universal remote control system with complete macro capability. The user interface is simple to setup and configurations can be transferred to additional devices with a just a few clicks. The SQ Blaster device is encased in either cherry wood or bamboo, complementing the living space, and providing the option of in-room IR blasting, or wired control through cabled IR emitters. Multiple devices can co-exist on the same Wi-Fi network, and multiple control interfaces (smart phones, tablets) can be used concurrently. The SQ Blaster & SQ Remote boast an extensive built-in double IR database that includes most discrete On/Off codes – as well as built-in learning that includes support for toggle-code recognition and capture. SQ Remote integrates into the Z-Wave environment through its direct compatibility with the MiOS range of Z-Wave control hubs. An open API allows simple integration into additional control applications and home automation solutions.

The Pro version of the SQ Blaster, scheduled for commercial release in early Q3 2011, includes Z-Wave control capability, scenes, simple scripting on top of the normal SQ Blaster feature set. The SQ Blaster Pro can be used in a variety of situations; as a entry level home automation solution, as a ‘zone” controller within a larger network of Square Connect enabled devices, or as an add-on secondary control system to a larger Z-Wave system. The combination of Wi-Fi, Z-Wave and IR allows control of almost any kind of appliance within the home using Wi-Fi to bridge between separate Z-Wave networks – yet providing the user with a single coherent user interface and smooth user experience.

Square Connect believes in the idea of controlling anything, anywhere, and challenges the idea that home control systems have to be expensive and complex to set up and maintain. They do this by creating great products that leverage existing technologies that people already own. Its products are flexible, easy to setup, and can be quickly adapted to the changing needs of the user, and the changing requirements of control.”

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  1. Hampshire Home Theatres | April 19, 2011 at 9:02 am |

    An impressive device, but will probably need quite a bit of work to be properly integrated into a home theatre or home automation system.

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