HomeEasy gets PC Control

HomeEasy XPL

In recent weeks the HomeEasy wireless home automation kit from Byron has attracted a lot of interest.  Its low cost and extensive ranges of modules even lead our reviewer to conclude it may be the X10 replacement he’s looking for. However, the one thing that’s been missing is any sort of PC integration.  Until now.

“UK DIY chain B&Q has teamed up with Byron to offer the HomeEasy range of inexpensive home automation products including units that are specifically designed for the UK market.

Now thanks to RFXCOM and xPLMonkey, all HomeEasy devices can be controlled from a PC, allowing them to be integrated with other home automation products. Unlike some earlier RF systems such as X10 RF and Domia Lite, the HomeEasy dimmers support the direct setting of dim levels. This makes them a superior solution for control by PC, and allows for the creation of scenes – a feature normally found only on far more expensive systems.

HomeEasy is compatible with some other European home automation systems.  The website of Dutch company KlikAan-KlikUit shows devices that will appear very familiar to HomeEasy units. Intriguingly the page also lists a universal remote and a USB timer interface that are compatible with HomeEasy, but are not offered as part of the current HomeEasy range.”

Visit www.xplmonkey.com for all the details.

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