HP Windows Home Server Box – Video

 HP Windows Home Server

Here’s more on the new HP Windows Home Server that’s just 30 days away from shipping .  The machine is much smaller than we thought, and this video gives you a good understanding of the power of this little device, and how convenient it is to simply slide drives in or out.

“Over on 10 you can catch a video interview of yours truly talking about the online availability of the HP MediaSmart Server.  In the video you’ll see the following

  • My horrible camera presence.
  • What the HP MediaSmart Server drive carriers look like in action. I hot plug a drive during the interview.
  • A home server I put together myself that I use at work.
  • The “Hockey Puck” prototype that people just can’t seem to get enough of.”

Watch the Video on10.net [Via Windows Home Server Blog]

Pre-order the HP Server Here

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