Hybrid Solar Lighting

This looks like a great idea to help cut costs in your Smart Home…

“Using a roof-mounted solar collector, the HSL3000 tracks the sun and concentratedirect sunlight into plastic optical fibers. The optical fibers tansport sunlight throughout a building to multiple “hybrid” luminaies. Containing special optical elements that disperse the sunlight, these “hybrid” luminaires blend natural light with supplemental artificial light. During periods of limited sunlight, a photosensor maintains a constant room illumination by adjusting the level of artificial lighting.”

  • Controllable, fully-integrated natural lighting system
  • Delivers light that makes product colors appear truer & more vibrant
  • Extends the lifetime of halogen bulbs by as much as 20 times!
  • Environmentally friendly technology
  • Minimal roof penetrations (4″ diameter post per system)
  • Reduces light pollution (dark skies)
  • Can be easily reconfigured
  • Ambient lighting and directional lighting luminaires available
  • IR wavelengths removed to provide cool operating natural light that reduces cooling load


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