iBracket Mounts Your iPad on the Wall for Home Control

iPad iBracket

Want to make that $500 iPad look more like a $5,000 AMX touch screen Home Automation controller?  Take a look at the new wall mounting ‘iBracket’ from Gravity Switch.

Available in a range of 14 colours (including polished anodized aluminum) the standard unit costs $349.  The ‘Gallery’ model pictured comes with 4 built in speakers and is $399.

The iBracket is a beefy 10.3 lbs and allows for vertical and horizontal orientation of the iPad.  Gravity Switch says they are adding additional options to their product and will soon be offering wood and plastic finishes as well as metal.  If you fancy a custom app for your iBracket kiosk setup GS will even help you with that too.  But with the plethoral of Home Automation iPads apps already available in the Apps store, you’ll probably be Ok


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3 Comments on "iBracket Mounts Your iPad on the Wall for Home Control"

  1. I’d rather wait for succeeding generations of the iPad before using it for home automation. Less problems, more apps and fixes. Just my two cents’ worth. 🙂

  2. Super cool idea, NOT
    You take an iPad with a not too glamorous Wifi-Connection to start with and hide it in an allmetal enclosure.

    Gimme a break…

  3. Open your mind Harold.

    I have an iPad and iPad 2 I’m going to wall mount my iPad to the kitchen wall so that I can have radio, tv, acces to my music, movies, on line recipes, shopping via barcode scanner and whatever other apps are out there. I an control my lighting via the iPad.

    Many home security systems have touch screen control panels worth £1000s the iPad is a fraction of the price and can do much much more.

    It isn’t JUST a tablet PC for PC type things.

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