Idratek Launch 4 Channel Smart Home Dimmer

Idratek QLD-001

Idratek have released the QLD-001. This is a compact 4x 250W/channel DIN rail style dimmer. It uses standard leading edge (phase turn on) technology and an 8 bit dimming resolution.

The unit also has 8 digital inputs which, as is usual with IDRATEK technology, are not particularly committed to this module. However inbuilt Reflexes can be enabled to allow the inputs to control the outputs directly.

The unit requires both Live & Neutral feeds and is over current and over temperature protected. An IDRANet interface is of course built in so the outputs can be controlled by other network modules and/or Cortex.

Full flexibility is provided in terms of dimming control.   Independent ramps and arbitrary dynamic profiles can be programmed even at the Reflex level. Also it is possible to upload user defined output mapping curves eg. power linearised (default), S curve and so on.

Idratek QLD-001

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