Idratek Release Cortex V23

Idratek Cortex

Idratek have just released v23 of their home automation software, Cortex.  The new features include the ability for the system to estimate actual energy savings made from its intelligent heating and lighting control.

Other notable additions in this update are a new lighting automation engine and the inclusion of support for the xAP protocol.

“Whilst many companies claim their products save energy, the information rich and highly integrated structure of an IDRATEK system provides an ideal platform for putting such claims to the test.  A new software feature has been introduced designed to analyse energy usage and to estimate what savings Cortex Automation makes as compared to various non automated scenarios in the same context.

For example, real data from a typical installation for 2007 showed a 15% heating energy reduction purely attributable to occupancy based heating management. The same data estimated a 25% reduction relative to the use of a standard thermostat arrangement. Comparative lighting energy analysis and detailed zonal consumption figures are also provided – which make this a very useful tool for targeting energy efficiency measures.

Idratek Cortex

Cortex Lighting automation is amongst the most sophisticated on the market. An overhaul to the lighting automation engine takes this feature to a new level of capability.

Cortex V23 introduces support for xAP. This now allows various IDRATEK modules to be accessed via this popular automation protocol.  Conversely, Cortex also provides a degree of control over external xAP devices.

Best of all, for existing customers the upgrade from version 22 to version 23 remains free (subject to any licensing categories).”

Further details on new features and enhancements can be found here:

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