Idratek Releases Cortex V26 Incorporating Mobile Touch Interface

The latest version of Idratek’s Cortex home automation software incorporates an HTML5 based touch interface for use with todays smartphones and tablets…

“Version 26 of IDRATEK’s Cortex software is now available. Notable in this major release is the inclusion of support for a new licensed option, code named Cortex Mobile. Cortex Mobile builds upon (and indeed requires as a basis) the extensive depth and security capabilities intrinsic to the existing web server feature, but provides an app style user interface suitable for touch screen mobile devices such as smart phones, touch pads and tablet PCs. Based on HTML5, the interface can be utilised equally well with iOS, Android and other operating system devices.

The huge range of data, control and parameter settings that can be accessed in an even modest IDRATEK installation are encapsulated in a neat and touch friendly environment. No complex user programming is required no matter the diversity or size of the installation. Different user logins can be set up with different access rights and levels of visibility, right down to an object by object basis.  Readers unfamiliar with the IDRATEK system may not appreciate that this is no mean feat, considering that existing installations can be handling several hundred controlled devices and sensory inputs, with total object counts topping the 1000 mark.

As well as providing a user friendly method for accessing your system on the move, the new interface makes it feasible to utilise off the shelf touch devices for certain styles of local control.”

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