iHomeTouch is New X10 App for Your iPhone – Christmas Tree Control Ensues


iHomeTouch is a new iOS app from 1Jump2 for control of your X10 based home automation system.  The software is a universal app for the iPhone and iPad and will also run on the iPod touch.  The intuitive interface allows you to use photos of the rooms in your home with the ability to touch certain parts of the screen for control.  Check out the video below for an example set-up controlling Christmas Tree lights from an iPhone…

iHomeTouch App for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPadiHomeTouch is an innovative home automation app to use with your X10 enabled home. With its intuitive interface, the entire family will no longer struggle to use your X10 devices. We’ve made it our mission to create an app that’s simple to use, innovative and feature rich.

Rooms from Photos – iHomeTouch utilises the iDevices’ camera and Image Library to create Rooms. Rooms can have multiple buttons which are defined by pressing your finger on the screen. That area can be preset to turn on any of your X10 devices.

Mount on your wall – iHomeTouch works in both portrait and landscape orientation, but it’s in landscape, that the app really comes to life in. So much so that, we believe, you’ll want to mount your iPhone/iPod Touch and iPads on the wall as dedicated home automation remote controls.

Touch to Turn On / Off / Dim or Brighten – Simply by touching the photo, you can turn a device on or off and even adjust the brightness.

Feature Rich

  • Add Rooms from Photos
  • Add Buttons
  • Add PLC and RF Devices
  • Touch to Turn On / Off / Dim / Brighten
  • Touch Sensitive Brightness Panel
  • Portrait and Landscape Modes
  • Themes
  • iPhone / iPad Universal App

Minimum Requirements – In order to run iHomeTouch on your mobile device you will need to install our free iHomeTouchServer software on your Windows PC, and be running an X10 Computer Interface such as a CM11, CM11a, CM12, CM15, CM19, or a CM15 Pro. You must first install the ActiveHome SDK, which is freely available from X10 here.

  • iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad
  • Server running iHomeTouchServer v1.2 [Download]
  • ActiveHome SDK [Download]
  • X10 Computer Interface e.g. CM11, CM11a, CM12, CM15, CM19, CM15 Pro
  • X10 Transceiver Module
  • X10 Appliance / Lamp Module
  • Mac OS X support with Thinking Home

iHomeTouch   :   www.1jump2.com

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2 Comments on "iHomeTouch is New X10 App for Your iPhone – Christmas Tree Control Ensues"

  1. This is great but what about control for insteon or z-wave?

  2. Sam Richards | December 31, 2010 at 6:14 pm |

    I came across this site http://www.unitehomedevices.com that does exactly the same stuff. I am looking into home automation in general. Does anyone know anything about unitehomedevices.com

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