Ikea Light control

Submission by David Webster – “The Koppla system comprises three components, a handheld transmitter, a plug in lamp dimmer module and a plug in switch module.

The handset includes a realtime clock displayed via an LCD display and can control up to 10 modules. The handset can be programmed for specific timer actions or at random to simulate occupancy. Modules can be operated individually or in user defined groups.

Communication to the modules is via RF operating on 433MHz so there are no line of sight issues, but the claimed maximum range is just 25m. So, this may not sound too exciting, as there are plenty of similar plug in remote control systems already out there – most without the timer capabilities though, but the prices are very attractive and cheaper than equivalent X10 devices.

A starter kit of 1 x remote control and 2 x dimmer modules for £33 inc VAT. The dimmer module on its own (capable of dimming 20-300W) for £9.99 inc VAT, The switch module (capable of switching up to 3680W) also for £9.99 in VAT.

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For more details take a look at: Ikea Koppla System

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  1. Rita Ã…rsand | July 12, 2009 at 12:40 pm |

    Is it still possible to buy these things – KOPPLA from IKEA.

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