Imerge Introduce New M2000

A revolutionary digital audio player that combines hard disk technology, advanced XiVA™ software functionality and embedded Internet technology.

Arrange entire music collections in one convenient device, play back up to 16 different pieces of music in 16 different rooms and access the Internet to gather new music, artist and lifestyle information…

  • 160Gb – 480Gb hard drive
    Store between 2650 and 7950 hours of music at MP3 quality. Expandable – upgrade the hard drive size at a later date.
  • 4 – 16 outputs
    Listen to up to 16 different pieces of music in 16 different rooms all at the same time.
  • TV interface including album cover illustration Intuitive multi-language TV user interface allows you to browse your music collection from the comfort of your armchair.
  • Automatic track listing
    SoundServer downloads artist, album, genre and track listing information via its built in Internet connection and categorises you music accordingly allowing you to access any track or album quickly and easily.
  • Choice of storage options
    Stores audio in a variety of formats both compressed and uncompressed including 192 variable bit rate (VBR) MP3.
  • New Preset option
    User defined ‘Pre set’ options allow for quick and convenient playback of music from leading multiroom systems.
  • NP200 support
    Support for Imerge NP200 Network Audio Player to stream music over your home network.
  • Play CDs from the CD tray.
    M2000 allows you to play CDs direct from the CD tray before recording. Ideal for previewing tracks!
  • Analogue and digital output
    As well as the usual high quality analogue outputs, the M2000 has an integrated digital (coaxial) output tied to output 1.
  • Improved IR
    Easy-to-learn IR remote control codes. Universal IR remote control


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