ImperiHome Android Home Automation App Adds Zipabox Support

ImperiHome have announced that the latest release of their Android Home Automation app now supports the Zipato Zipabox.  That’s on top of the support for other smart home systems like Vera, Netatmo, Zibase, Eco-Devices, Sony Smartwatch 2, IP CCTV, Fortrezz Leak sensors,and the IPX800.

There’s support for voice recognition and NFC Tags, a chart module and an API too.  The app’s dashboard designs have been optimised for both smartphone and tablet layouts. 

ImperiHome’s latest blog post points toward further integration later this year for more devices including the Fibaro HC2 and Philips Hue lighting.  A limited free version of the app is available to try and the unrestricted Pro version is currently selling for around £4.00  :  Free Version  :  Pro Version

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