Innovative AlertMe Home Security Officially Launches


We’ve been watching the innovative “AlertMe” home security system with interest over its development process.  Today marks the official launch of the package onto the market.  If you’re looking for a self install home security and monitoring system you should check out the AlertMe video after the jump for a great explanation of how it works.

“, the provider of people-friendly home security, today announced the launch of AlertMe, an intelligent home security and monitoring system that offers positive reassurance for homeowners wishing to protect their homes and possessions, by mobile phone and the Internet.

AlertMe allows people to take proactive steps to secure their homes – often their greatest asset and investment – and an aspect of home protection that is often overlooked.  It can eliminate the risk of having to make an unnecessary claim on home insurance that often leads to an expensive increase in premiums.  For the first time since burglar alarms were screwed onto people’s homes more than 30 years ago, home security is finally being modernised.


AlertMe can be self-installed without the need for wires, drilling or waiting for servicemen to turn up which also means the system can move with you.  It works by sending ‘alerts’ via text or email and can also be set up to notify nominated friends and family, updating them on potential incidents such as fires or break-ins.  It removes any dependence on security call centre operatives who might only know the billing address and that an alarm has gone off.  This means people can more easily manage false alarms, and avoid the penalties and blacklisting by the police which often accompany these.

AlertMe goes further than traditional burglar alarms by matching security with safety. The system can send an alert when smoke or carbon monoxide fumes have been detected. For further reassurance, individual key fobs can be given to family members so parents can be alerted when children have arrived home safely. AlertMe can easily be personalised to suit different lifestyles to accommodate pets, visiting guests or a cleaner.


AlertMe is available at and is priced at £399 inc VAT for a comprehensive kit, costing 40% less than similar traditional alarm systems.

Commenting on the launch, Nik Rouda, marketing director, AlertMe said, “Our homes and families are most precious to us and are the things we want to protect. By enabling people to keep a close eye on both of these, we are delivering peace of mind.  Our new approach provides better technology and excellent value by being much more affordable than traditional solutions.



Coinciding with the launch, AlertMe released results from a survey exploring people’s relationships with their homes and the community.  A key finding of the research suggests community spirit is alive and well in the UK with 80% of respondents relying upon their neighbours to come to their aid in the event of a break-in.  Almost half (47%) place considerable faith in their local community to give them reassurance and security while maintaining little or no security measures of their own.  Britain’s twenty-something’s were amongst the most concerned (49% of 18-24 year olds) about home security.  And yet, despite being tech savvy and having a preference for electronic gadgets, even this group is completely dependent on others for their home security.

Both young and old place their faith in others to come to their rescue, putting only the most simplistic of security measures in place, such as windows locks (79%).  This suggests that either traditional systems are too expensive or simply don’t work.  AlertMe is an easily installable home security system that is both more affordable and highly effective.”

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